Friday, April 24, 2009

Joe, Jonathan, and jQuery

Update: The presentation and code can be downloaded here

What do these three things have in common?

A presentation in Calgary at the .NET Users group. If you are around on Thursday evening at 5:30pm, April 30th, come join me, Joe Poon at the Nexen Building for an introduction to jQuery and how to get make all your AJAX problems go away with a simple $.post()!

Details for the event are here. See you there!


Chris said...

I enjoyed your sessions at Techfest 2009 and look forward to the April 30th presentation. Would it be possible to post the sample code before the presentation? It would make it easier (for me) to follow.

JonHyatt said...

Hey Jonathan,

I saw you and Joe present at the techfest and enjoyed the presentation.

I was wondering if Thoughtworks is moving forward and implementing new software using MVC and jQuery in the near future.

I too am impressed with the new MVC framework and thinking a lot about how it will impact development in the future. And how it will impact refactoring of current development projects.

Your thoughts on the future of MVC (and jQuery?)

Jonathan McCracken said...

Thanks Jon,

Yes, ThouhtWorks has already implemented a successful MVC project with jQuery in the Calgary market. I know that I personally will recommend to all our clients to seriously look at MVC as a superior alternative to ASP.NET.

With regards to MVC's future I think that we'll start to see more similarity to Rails as time goes on in terms of convention. I would venture to guess that we'll see more support for MVC with NHibernate and 3rd party providers of MVC partials (like charting, data grids, etc).

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe/John,

I'm wondering when you'll be posting the notes and code sample from the presentation.

Are there any other jquery extensions you use frequently?

Andy said...

Hi Jonathan,

Great presentation with lots of content. Will you be posting the code samples?

Joe Poon said...

Hi all,

The presentation and code can be downloaded from here:

Thanks again to all who attended!