Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Test-Drive ASP.NET MVC = Released!

After over 15 months of work, my book is now officially available directly from the publisher here. I love the cover - wish one of these came with every book**:

I'd like to thank Dave and Andy, as well as my editor Susannah Davidson Pfalzer for helping me through the entire process.

I expect in the next few weeks the book will be available through other channels like Amazon, Barnes&Nobles, etc. However, the only way to get an e-book version is directly from the Pragmatic Bookshelf

**no cars are included with the purchase of the book ;)


Chirag Doshi said...

Hi Jonathan,

Congratulations for the release of your book. I am sorry I could not help much with the reviews.

All the best.


John W. S. Marvin said...

Any plans for an MVC 3 version?

John W. S. Marvin said...

I ask because I really like your MVC 2 book. Well done!