Sunday, February 6, 2011

WebCamp - Feb 5th - Wrap-Up

First off thanks to everyone who came on Saturday to learn about ASP.NET MVC and oData. I had a really good time and got to meet some very interesting developers.

As promised I've uploaded my QuoteOMatic solution to my blog so you can download it here. I'm also attaching my cheat sheet for the session here.

Also, Microsoft provides a training tool-kit to help you with more details (including a lot I didn't get to cover in the day). Suggest that you download it and use it for practice.

Another round of thanks to Karl, Vinod, Cengiz, David, and Blake! Thanks for helping and organizing the day.

Hope to see you all out a the .NET User Group or maybe another WebCamp!

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Warren said...

I was wondering if you have any plans on updatig your book (Test Drive APS.NET MVC) to MVC3 using the Razor engine and such? Plus do you know of any similar products for MVC3 for Azure...