Sunday, February 6, 2011

WebCamp - Feb 5th - Wrap-Up

First off thanks to everyone who came on Saturday to learn about ASP.NET MVC and oData. I had a really good time and got to meet some very interesting developers.

As promised I've uploaded my QuoteOMatic solution to my blog so you can download it here. I'm also attaching my cheat sheet for the session here.

Also, Microsoft provides a training tool-kit to help you with more details (including a lot I didn't get to cover in the day). Suggest that you download it and use it for practice.

Another round of thanks to Karl, Vinod, Cengiz, David, and Blake! Thanks for helping and organizing the day.

Hope to see you all out a the .NET User Group or maybe another WebCamp!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Microsoft WebCamp - Feb 5th - University of Calgary

So it has been a very long time since I've posted anything...those of you that know me it's mainly due to the arrival of our first baby girl. More on that here.

Time has come for me to supplement the routine of changing diapers and playing gogo-gaga and get back involved in the dev community.

On Feb 5th I'm going to present at the University of Calgary at one of Microsoft's WebCamps. We're going to go through ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate, and oData. True to the nature of these webcamps it's a hands-on workshop more than a standard get-up in front of ya'll and present stuff.

You can register here.

It's a full day and I expect that we'll building a useable web app by the end of the day.

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ASP.NET Vulnerability

If you haven't heard already there is a security problem with all versions of ASP.NET (yes...including MVC) which allows attackers to read/request protected files, like the Web.Config.

In order to protect these files you'll need to install the patch that is appropriate to your OS and .NET version. Click here for that patch.

Version 1.1 is Available

I just wanted to post a big thank you to several readers who helped with the 1.1 of PDF. David Jenkins (who's posted more to this forum than I have!), Greg Heath, Alexander DiMauri, John CrankShaw,Robert Dzikowski, and Dave Mateer.

Thanks to yours and others feedback the new version now has a downloadable Visual Studio solution file per chapter under /code/chapter_name/solution to let you check your answers against mine.

Now onto MVC 3.0 changes... :)

Monday, September 27, 2010


Just finished an interview with InfoQ on my book.

As part of the interview the prags released an exclusive excerpt of chapter 9 - Integrating with Controllers that you can download off InfoQ. If you're trying to plug-in Windsor Container with ASP.NET MVC that chapter will show you how to do it.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Windsor 2.0 and Log4Net

So I was looking for two DLL's to get Log4Net working with Windsor 2.0.
I had a hard time finding the version I needed, as I guess I'm in the dark ages not using Windsor 2.5.

The files in question are: Castle.Facilities.Logging.dll and Castle.Services.Logging.Log4netIntegration.dll

Why am I using Windsor 2.0? Since the version of FluentNHibernate I'm using is 1.1 and uses CastleDynamicProxy2.dll version 2.1 - even Windsor 2.1 (which includes the logging files I need) uses CastleDynamicProxy2.dll version 2.2.

To make a long story short - without changing a bunch of code around it was easier to just solve the problem myself. It's open source so I just downloaded and compiled the assemblies I need and provide them to the community of how many others might be looking for these.

Download them here

So here they are - enjoy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ASP.NET MVC in 4 minutes!

I just published a short 4 minute video on how to build an ASP.NET MVC project. It walks you though the absolute basics of MVC. You can take a look below or visit YouTube here.